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This lesson is for the Professional Makeup Artist wanting to learn signature skills & techniques by our owner Makeup Artist, Jane Foley. 


Jane has over 15 years experience in the field of makeup, with her roots in stage and competitive dancing makeup. Over the years, Jane has worked in a variety of settings such as dancing competitions, performance shows, weddings, commercial and creative photoshoots in both Australia and off-shore in USA and Italy.


In this 3 hour one-on-one detailed lesson, we will cover: skincare preparation, base & foundation application, cream contouring & highlighting techniques, eyeshadow application, winged liner / shadow liners, and any customised techniques the individual artist wants hands on practise with. Included detailed product lists of most loved products!


All that's needed is your choice of model. One side will be done by Jane and the other yourself. All products and tools will be supplied.

One-On-One Artist Lesson with Jane Foley (For Professional MUA's)