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My Skin by Therapure is a highly bio-active blend of antioxidant and skin-nourishing ingredients to support skin health and healing, soothe and relieve skin inflammation, and reduce the occurrence of pimples and minor skin eruptions, leaving you feeling confident in your own skin.

Therapure My Skin Capsules

    • Anti-inflammatory activity: my skin contains a synergistic blend of herbs including quercetin and curcumin phospholipid complexes, zinc, vitamins B3 and B6 which provide highly-absorbale, powerful anti-inflammatory properties to soothe troubled skin.
    • Powerful antioxidants: my skin is packed with natural vitamin A, vitamin C, quercetin phospholipid complex, and curcumin phospholipid complex to help your skin cells detoxify waste and fight free radical damage, which is vital for a healthy, glowing complexion.
    • Skin repair and regeneration: my skin ingredients contain healing and nourishing properties to help soothe all skin types, assist with skin cell turnover and help restore healthy, vibrant skin.